About Life Testing Solutions

Life Testing Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Life Partners Group, a Strategic Partner (Member) of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC). LTS was formed to specifically enable rapid testing solutions to have a meaningful impact on how we are able to function and operate in the world we have found ourselves in. We passionately believe in finding a way through the Coronavirus pandemic and do all we can to help open our world. We are using every resource possible to reach a point in time where real time testing enables only those who are sick are shielded, while those not infectious can be liberated and protected. We work only with the highest calibre and most accurate tests in the world, and have a innovative pipeline under evaluation including real time saliva based testing and quantitative antibody real time testing.

About the CWEIC:

The CWEIC is a not-for-profit commercial organisation with a mandate from Commonwealth Heads of Government to promote trade, investment and the role of the private sector across the Commonwealth. With almost 100 business and Government Strategic Partners from 31 countries and territories, we have a mandate to facilitate trade and investment throughout the 54 member nations of the Commonwealth. CWEIC’s other Strategic Partners include multinationals such as Standard Chartered, Prudential and Dangote Group, sub-sovereign governments such as the Government of Jersey, Government of Queensland and City of London, and countries such as Cameroon, the Maldives and Malta.